My Three Bears

by Elaine
(Redland bay Qld)

No 1 my old teddy

No 1 my old teddy

I have three bears, that I wish to know more about please
1. This is my teddy that I have had since I was a small child and I was born 1951 so I assume it is from that era. He is a gold colour with fully jointed arms legs and head and I have sewn new pads on this hands and feet over the time. this fellow is 44cm tall and in very loved condition.
2. Is a lovely soft bear golden brown with "Hamleys" in red embroidered on his foot I would like to know more about him as I rescued him from the tip. He is in good condition and 47cm tall.
3. This gorgeous bear was one I rescued from an Op shop and I love him as much as my original childhood bear. He is a darkish brown in colour slim, with smallish head and long arms. He has big feet and has no labels at all . I would love to know how old he is. He is in quite good condition and is 43cm tall.

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