my unidentified, possibly mohair bear

by shane

this is my bear, he is golden, (or used to be, anyway) and he may be made out of mohair, i’m not sure. he could be a hermann or other. anyway, he has his overalls and hat, and is a very dapper bear. he’s not very cuddly, but more of a display piece anyway because he has moving joints and is kind of stiff. may be homemade, considering the hand sewn on ears, handmade clothing, and the fact there is no tag. kind of soft, kind of rough, just in between enough that you could be comfortable hugging him while at the same time you would hear it when you rubbed your hand on his fur. i love this bear because we got him at an antique store for $20 and he was one of the first in my vintage bear collection. i’m not sure when he was made, or if he’s mohair, but his paws are ultrasuede.

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