My Velveteen teddy bear

by Cindy
(Canyon lake, TX, USA)

Sitting up Teddy

Sitting up Teddy

I have had this bear for 56 years, since I was 2 years old. I have loved him to the point of his fur being almost all gone. My mother sewed his arms back together everytime his stuffing began to show from my carrying him around every where I went. Teddy was my best and sometime my only friend. He's 18 inches from top of ear to bottom of feet. 14 inches across from tip of arm to tip of other arm. His eyes open and close. He has eyes like humans not typical button eyes. He was probably born around 1964. He went away to camp with me. He went to high school and college with me. He got 3rd place in a Teddy bear contest in 1985. Just wondering about his value. The photo is with his eyes closing because he's laying down. The full photo didn't load properly. The site times out and I tried again. I couldn't figure out how to add the photo, when I got to the edit and save changes page.

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