Name.... Thread Bear.

by Susan
(Langford, Perth, Western Australia)

Thread bare teddy Bear

Thread bare teddy Bear

Roughly 20 years ago, I was about 50 years old then, my brother in law gave me this bear because he knew how much I loved Teddy Bears. He was a postman and had found this bear in a rubbish bin outside a house, late 60's or early 70's. He kept it in his postal van for over 20 years. When he finally retired he kept it in the back seat of various cars over the years. I live in Australia and it was when I was on holidays in the UK visiting family, that I found this bear, when he gave me a lift, in the back seat of his car. I complained that the little fella was jammed in the seat pocket and I immediately picked it up, sat it on my knee and showed him the world outside, as we drove through the Sussex countryside. My brother in law thought I was crazy talking to a stuffed toy. The night before I left to fly back to Australia, my family and friends all went out to a Good-bye dinner in my honor. Just before I got into my taxi, my brother in law handed me a plastic bag and told me that I was now the owner of Thread Bear and entrusted me to show him what life was like in Oz. I have treasured my Thread Bear and he has pride of place on a shelf where he is seen often by all that visit. I would so like to know his origins, like his maker what type of bear and where he was made. Thread Bear measures approximately 14 inches and feels like only his head is straw filled, the rest of him feels like some sort of stuffing. I can feel something metallic and hard in his belly so I wonder if he may have once had a growl. He has dark brown pads on his paws but do not appear to be leather as I can see cross woven material in the thin patches. I think he may be mohair but it is very sparse now, it looks like it was of a reasonable length not short cropped and close. The clothes on him where obviously homemade and his nose and mouth appear to have been repaired. His right glass eye has a chipped bit missing at the top, all adding to his wonderful mysterious history. He is exactly as he was found and I adore him. I will attach four photos of this dear chap and hope you can solve the story behind this well loved bear. Many thanks in advance from Sue and Thread Bear.

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