Nana's bear

by Chris Preston
(Glyn ceiriog, Llangollen, england)

I grew up on Merseyside as part of a big family with many relatives who mainly worked in factories. My nana lived in a rough area of Merseyside calledd kirby but had previously lived in Knotty Ash were the comedian Ken Dodd lived. My family was poor/working class so i can't imagine this bear to be expensive although i have little knowledge of my granddad's family as they had littke contact. Roughly 50 years ago my nana gave me this bear, ie she lived and grew up on Merseyside Liverpool. She said it was very old then and i assumed she meant 50/60 years old. She said it had belonged to a family member. I don't know who had owned the teddy but wonder if it had come from my granddads side of the family but i am only guessing. My granddad's father was German so it's possible the bear originated in Germany. Perhaps it was handmade by a family member. Haven't a clue. It seems to be filled with straw. It has been untouched for 50 years and looked the same 50 years ago. Years ago my uncle traced his dad's side of the family tree and found we were related to people who were related to/in the Nazi party. Their surname was Stein. I could be completely wrong and this bear may not originate from Germany but my family in Merseyside were so poor i can't imagine them biying a bear as they could barely afford to eat.

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