Need Help Identifying My Bear

by Lynn
(Raleigh, NC US)

teddy bear in dress

teddy bear in dress

Hi, I picked this gal up at a thrift shop and am curious of her maker, age, value, etc. I have done quite a bit of research to no avail. She is about 15" tall, She has amber colored eyes with a black pupil. I can't tell if her eyes are plastic or glass. Her nose and mouth are sewn. Her nose is sewn in vertical stitches and is like a triangle or shield. There is some white thread exposed under her chin. She has either fur missing or matted fir to the right of her left ear. Her joints move at the head, arms and legs and the mechanism inside is circular. She seems to have stitching up the front center and back center of her body. Her paw pads feel like felt and each has two stitches in the same material as the nose and mouth. There is a string on the top of her left foot where something may have been attached and next to that there is a small hole. The filling is like a translucent cotton-like material. She came dressed in the drindl as shown in the photo. I thought she looked a little like a Steiff, but my friend says she's not a Steiff. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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