Need Help Identifying Old Lost Bear

by R

old teddy bear

old teddy bear

I want to identify my bear so I could possibly find a replacement for it. I had my teddy bear for almost 10 years when I lost it during a trip to S.Korea because I'd thought I packed it already and that's how it got lost. My mother had told me that my bear was a Hallmark bear gift from a relative, but I do not see it from any of the hallmark past the resembles my teddy bear. Or it could've been part of a Forever Friends collection bear.

My teddy bear was very small. It was not long or especially small/short, but the perfect size for a small child. My teddy bear has little to no fur at all and instead has a little bumpy surface fabric. My mother did not allow me to own bears with furs because my nose is very allergic and sensitive to dust accumulated on teddy bear's furs. My impression of my bear used to be light pink but gotten darker because it got dirty throughout the years. However, now that I think about it, it could've been a light brown colour and the dirtiness has caused the pinkness. My teddy bear's most unique quality was its squinty eyes and I used to laugh at my teddy bear for having those squinty eyes and it wouldn't see things clearly. My teddy bear felt very flat and it felt like it had a filling that felt like sand/grainy things. I know my teddy bear isn't homemade because it used to have a label on it but I had cut it out because the label was irritating my skin. My bear used to be my security and losing it had made me very devastated, but it felt like a wake-up call of reality to tell my younger self to take responsibility of my things because I used to be super forgetful and lose things all the time.

Sorry but that's all the information I have and that's all I can remember from back when I still had it around 7 years ago. I hope these details help but I really don't know what else I am able to write to describe it. I will really appreciate your help to identify it. As a child, I used to lose sleep over the lost of my teddy bear, so it'd be nice to find one that resembles it again, even if it isn't the same.

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