Need help with identifying two old teddy bears- Steiff??

by Renee
(Seattle, WA)

Two old teddy bears

Two old teddy bears

I just bought these two teddy bears and would love to hear any info you may have on them. I bought them from a woman who collected many old things but was moving and needed to downsize. She said she thought the larger one was Steiff but there is no button in the ear of either one. Neither bear has any tag, button or marking that I can find.

The larger one on left is 16 in. tall. Black button eyes. Jointed neck, arms, legs. Stuffed with small wood pieces or straw. Pads on front paws are felt but look like they may have been replaced, they look newer than the rest of the bear. Pads on feet are a silky, smoother material and look to be old. It has a few holes and patches of missing fur. Nose and mouth are stitched and feel silky. This one does not have as much of a humped back as the smaller one. Looks like the back seam on body was hand stitched and front is machine stitched. Sorry that in the pic the scarf is covering its back.

The smaller one is about 9.5 in. tall. It has a hump on back and long arms. Black button eyes. Stuffed with soft white material. Most of the fur is missing from this one. Arms, legs, and neck are jointed. Pads on all paws are fabric, like a cotton or linen fabric. The stitched nose feels silky. On this one the front seam on body looks to be hand stitched while the back seam looks machine stitched.

Thanks so much for your help!

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