Need Replacements for Sister's Early 1970s Teddy Bear

by Cori S.
(Washington State)

Early 1970s Teddy Bear

Early 1970s Teddy Bear

Maybe you guys can help me or refer to whoever might. I am seeking an exact duplicate of the brown teddy bear from these photos (I still have the white one). These are flat scans but when I have the negatives digitized I can make better copies. These pictures are from 1973, about two years after my sister got this bear. I can probably get an exact date and place of purchase as she saved a sales slip.

The bear would have been bought in or near Kennewick, Washington, at a store which sold these bears in both brown and pink. I have no idea whether they were produced only locally or more widely but I have never seen one just like it or a picture of one. Not long after the trip when these were taken, the bear disappeared and no one ever found a trace of it. If more than one is found, that is fine, as I would like one as well as one for my sister. Thanks.

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