Need to know who made this excelsior stuffed small bear

 Front view

Front view

This bear is 11 inches tall, is fully articulated with metal discs between the joints with a metal pin. He is mohair, although most of it has worn away. His foot pads are just regular cloth, not felt. He has a squeaker device in his chest that is not working at this time. He is fully Excelsior stuffed. He looks like he should be around Ca1910. I don't know if he's American or English made or from some other place. I just purchased him, so I don't know where he came from originally. He is two sewn claws on 1 foot and three sewn claws on the other foot. He has sewn thread eyes that are not sewn in the same place on both sides. They are uneven, though they are on the seams of his face. I think they are newer than the claws. The thread looks newer. This bear may have had glass or button eyes originally. His nose and mouth are also sewn. He has a hump on his back, but it's kind of flat. The mohair that is left on his body is golden in color. I believe the body to be burlap type material I need some upped the middle of the back in the middle of the front On his face, he is sound together down from his here's to his face. Also, he is stone up his chin to his nose The thread on his nose and mouth and paws are all original, unlike his eyes which were added later. His snout protrudes from his face. He has very small ears. Any help in identifying him and approximate value would be appreciated.

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