Newer Bear, But I Love Him, and Want to Know Where he Came From!

by Anna

Front view

Front view

My bear was a baby shower gift around 1997, and I've never seen another like him. I think he may have come with a red bow, but I'm not super sure, as it would have been taken off very early on. I've had him all my life and he's very important to me. He's the perfect size for hugging, and made a wonderful bed when I was only about as big as he was. (I used him as a pillow often around age two.) In recent years I've wondered where he's from, but have no way of identifying him, as his tags were almost immediately removed, as is true of the vast majority of my stuffed animals.

He's a tan bear, if a little rough around the edges. He may have been lighter in the past, but never white - I haven't done that much damage to him over the years (actually, for my most loved toy, he has little to no damage at all). His black (plastic) eyes and black (wooden) nose have been chipped through visits to the washing machine. His round, indented ears are looking a little worn these days, but they still look like ears. Another reason I think he may have once had something around his neck is two threads dangling from the seam where his nose/snout is attached to the rest of his face. Something could've been cut, but I don't know.
He is made entirely of the same material, short of his innards, eyes, and nose, all the same shag-like(?) fabric - I don't really know how to describe it. His legs are clearly sewn on as separate entities to his body, since they taper dramatically before attaching to the bottom of his torso. His arms, however, are most likely attached to the torso entirely, sharing stuffing. His arms have no discernible paws, they just round out at the top, but his legs bend to form a sort of paw at the bottom for feet. Still, he has no dream of standing on his own.
This bear has been through a lot with me, and will go with me to college, and probably beyond. I dubbed him 'Bedtime Bear' before I can remember, and shortened it to BTB as time went on. I'm in no rush, I'll be honest, but I would really love to know where my lifetime friend came from. He seems very unique to me, and I want to know where any others like him out there would be.
Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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