Nina Maccabe bear from Whitby

by sherry
(west yorks)

Nina Maccabe bear from Whitby

Nina Maccabe bear from Whitby

Nina Maccabe bear from Whitby
Candy bear
Purple Artist's bear

I bought this gorgeous bear around 15 years ago from a very cute little shop in Whitby, all the bears in there were a 1 off, as you can see by my pictures they received there own little tag with there name on it also states that's she's made from 100% mohair and that she's a posing scallywag, it also states that its the only bear of its kind,

I recently went back to Whitby in hope to purchase an other of these special and unique bears but the little shop was gone,
the name on the tag is Macca Bears by Nina Maccabe,
I have looked and looked on the internet hoping to find the maker but have had no luck,
I guess am just wondering if anyone knows of any other bears like mine and possibly what its valuation would be?
love sherry

This is known as an Artist bear which means that it is made by an independent maker and are as you say one offs.

Unfortunately unless the maker has become very famous in her field the value of the bear is only what a collector of Artist bears are willing to pay.

I have no information about this maker i'm afraid. You often find they come and go.

Sorry I could not be of further help, perhaps someone who knows the maker will see your post and contact you.


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