No idea of age of my teddy bear

by Nix

He’s 40cm tall has jointed arms and legs, is a shorthaired golden teddy. Has a growler which works sporadically. Brown felted paws. Plastic eyes. Have had him forever no idea where he came from though and no labels or tags. Have tried to find him on numerous sites but have never seen one which is the same. Just wondered if worth keeping him somewhere other than the top of the wardrobe. His legs crinkle when pressed but tummy is quieter. His nose is stitched and he has a large forehead and a very square face. Would like to know how old he is as have no idea also if anyone knows if it’s a particular brand like Chad Valley.

Also wondered if worth cleaning him as feel he’d look brighter if washed. What’s the best way to clean them and also there are some areas that are worn. He’s not lost any stuffy so is still firm to touch and also legs and arms have good movement also.

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