No Name Pink Bear

by Sharon

No Name Pink Bear

No Name Pink Bear

Pink bear has no name, she is simply pink and soft and ever so slightly shiny and sits in the corner of my bedroom surrounded by hundreds of much more serious bears.

There's not much to say about "Pink", she was found at the bottom of a rather large bag of other unwanted toys in a shop and it was only because she is so bright in colour that I noticed her.

She was obviously once loved by a child somewhere as she had sticky patches all over her and her fur had become matted in places. In fact I was amazed that she had not been tossed into a rubbish bin rather than be offer for sale again. Any way I took her home and spent a good hour sponging her down with a light detergent to remove all the grot and grime and then hung her out to dry to see how she would look.

As you can see she looks like new and so there's hope for other rather sticky bears out there. Never throw a bear away, always give them second chance.

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