Not a vintage bear but is my childhood teddy I have been trying to find another

by Samantha Hardisty
(Biloxi Mississippi United States)

My grandmother got him as a gift for my mom the Christmas before I was born in 1997. He was very fluffy with beads in his paws hands and feet. I have have had him all my life but he is now it such poor condition and me and my father have been trying to search for him for years now and haven't had any luck. His fur doesn't feel like any fur on any teddy bear that I have felt. over time his fur has fallen out but where it is at still it has just matted down flat. He has brown eyes with black pupils. Stitched nose and mouth. That was done with dark brown thread. He had a Christmas sweater that he came in that was green with snowflakes and hearts on it. I don't know his measurements but I would say around 18-20 inches long. It would mean allot of anything of him could be help in identifying him my mother recently passed and I would like to find some step towards locating a new one for my dad to be involved my teddy has been a big thing between the three of us.

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