by by Sally Clarke
(Horsham, West Sussex, UK)

NoTeddy Front

NoTeddy Front

I was aged 8 when I bought him with my pocket money in about 1970, from a Toy shop in Horsham Carfax, called ‘Goodacres’.

When I chose him, he was displayed in a cardboard box with a ‘see-through plastic front’. I cannot remember what he was called and whether he had any labels on him.
There were other bears with blue suits/ties as well as the yellow you see him wearing, but I chose him because his fur was soft and shiny and seemed to have the ‘best face’. He is of simple 2D construction, with felt eyes and soft stuffing.
The photo shows him in his original attire!.
NoTeddy saw me grow up from girl to adult - until one day he was put in the dreaded loft. Many years later, my husband Garry and I were at my parent’s house looking through old family things and found him. Garry insisted this funny bear came to live with us and named him NoTeddy.
Since then, NoTeddy has had a full interesting life for the last 25 years, has travelled to many different countries, even got married to a sweet little bear called Doreen!.
He enjoys the ‘good life’ and likes to eat Baked Beans. NoTeddy has been very popular with our friends and sometimes receives greeting cards.
Unfortunately, he occasionally shouts “NO!” at times and can be rather irascible!. These days he likes to wear denim dungarees and acts out many exciting scenes in action movies. He tells us he is a body double for Tom Cruise in many of his films. NoTeddy is 7 inches tall (about 180cm).
I'm trying to find out if anyone else has a bear like him!, and where he originated from.We’d love to find out if he has any relatives - he is so well loved!!!.

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