Old antique articulated Teddy Bear with Knitted eyes

by R. Davies

Old antique articulated Teddy Bear

Old antique articulated Teddy Bear

This Teddy Bear has been in the family for generations, though I have no idea about its origin, age or make. The maker’s label is not visible, but hopefully the following details and photographs will provide enough clues for identification, and potentially valuation. The bear is very worn, with much of the original ‘fur’ missing showing patches of the underlying fabric. The main distinguishing features are knitted eyes and a knitted nose. The ears appear to have been stitched on and some of this stitching is missing. The nose is stitched using thick black thread and this extends downwards to form the mouth. The mouth-piece is formed with two threads side-by-side. On the back of the head you can see a line where the fabric is joined together. This appears on the left hand side of the head, running from the left ear then diagonally towards the middle of the neck, from left to right. As for the neck, underneath the fabric I can feel what appears to be a ring around which the head can swivel 360 degrees. The arms and legs are articulated. The arms end in very well worn pads that are cut straight along the wrists. Single threads, of the same type described above for the nose and mouth, are used to indicate hand features. Similarly for the legs, the fabric of the pads are torn, exposing some of the filling (though non is spilling out) and again threads are used to depict foot features. Along the front of the body of the bear one can see the stitch line, and a stitch line is also visible along the front of both legs. Generally the filling seems fine and the bear is holding its overall shape well. I hope this helps in identifying the bear and apologies I can’t be more specific. If there are any further identifying features I can provide please let me know and thank you in advance for any information.

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