Old bear in need of identification

by Amy

Old Teddy Bear

Old Teddy Bear

He is approx 50cm long. I bought him about 15 years ago as part of my collection and he was advertised as one of the first Chad valley but having looked at the teddy encyclopedia I am not too sure. As you can see from his photo he has lost some of his smile and his foot pad on his left foot has at some point in his history had a patch put over which is now coming off. He is wood wool filling and has a growler which no longer works. I have not tried to do any restoration on him since I got him. He is fully jointed and has a moving head and there are large metal discs allowing this movement. He has quite a broad shoulder stature. Looking at his fur where his head attaches to his body it is much lighter so he does need a clean. I am just really interested in finding out where he came from and how long he has been around as he is currently taking status as the oldest bear that I have although his 1927 Herman brother is trying to contest this. Anyone with any info I would be very grateful for. Thank you for reading

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