Old Bear Needs To Know Who He Is

by Daniel Loiselle
(Vancouver, Canada)

Teddy Bear Laying Dows

Teddy Bear Laying Dows

Was gifted this bear years ago. The bear is about 9 inches long and has jointed arms and legs.

It feels like it is stuffed with something crunchy like rice. The eyes are the most distinct feature as they are so close together compared to all others I have seen on line. The eyes seem to be made of small black glass beads about 1/8 of an inch across. The nose stitching is made of approximately 10 vertical navy blue stitches and each of the paws has three stitches. The hands use a brown thread while the feet use a black thread. The ears are on the side of the head at eye level. The head appears comparatively small in proportion to body size. Both feet face sideways when the bear is laying on it's back. I have no means to weigh the bear and can not determine the composition of the fur. The neck has a rigid tube like structure giving it some firmness. The arm and legs have a firm disc at the joints. The original color seems to have been grey, although now it is a grey brown. I don't see any tags or markings that would help in identifying this bear and know nothing else about it.

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