Old Bear

by Janine Thompson

old bear back view

old bear back view

This bear was lent to me by an older lady many year ago to take a pattern from. He was found in a Cubby house which the lady was giving to us for our children to play in. He appears to have had a hard life with many repairs evident. I think she said the cat used to sleep on him.
He is 26"-66cm tall & is very firmly stuffed with what appears to be woodwool. He is quite heavy. Paw pads are fabric, with what appears to be a wood insert in the bottom of each foot. He has clear glass eyes & is jointed on his arms & legs and possibly his head which now is held in place by what looks like an old stocking being sewn in place. It sounds like he may have a growler which now doesn't work as there is a sound when he is tipped over.I believe he may have been made in the 1930's, but cannot substantiate this. Although worse for wear his personality shows through.
This fine old gentleman now has pride of place displayed in a trunk with my other older bears. He is head of our hug of over 600 bears.
I am not really interested in his value as I will never part with him, but would like to know what brand he may be.
Any help appreciated.
Thank You

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