Old Chad Valley Teddy Bear

by Diane Wellman
(Cullompton, Devon, England)

Chad Valley Teddy Bear

Chad Valley Teddy Bear

I have this cute little teddy, he is about 9cm (3 inches) tall. He has glass eyes, black pupil and orange(amber) outer. His nose and lips look hand stitched. He is covered in Mohair, which is worn in places, think he is stuffed with kapok(sorry about the spelling) his joints does not seem to move, so he stays in the sitting position. On his left leg(right if he is facing towards you) he has a white label with blue writing, stating.

think he was made about the 1930’s, not sure if he is worth anything, but would love to know anymore information about him, like is he rare? As I have tried to find out more about him on the internet and cannot find anything.

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