Old English (?) Bear

by Holly McLean
(Prescott Valley, AZ USA)

a body shot

a body shot

This old bear looks very much like the old bear pictured on a book named Old Bear. He is 22 inches tall and as you see has very short arms. He came with the bear shop that I purchased in 1985. I believe he is from the 1950s and from the UK because he has short arms. During the war, they were short of materials and shortened bear arms and legs from what I learned. He is very lightweight and his fur does not feel like traditional mohair, which leads me to believe he is from the '50s. His arms and legs are very loose now, although still attached. I believe his paw pads were replaced as the stitches are large and resemble a blanket stitch. Despite his age and vintage appearance, I fell in love with his expression. I would love to know which company he came from.
I owned a teddy shop for 23 years. This old bear was purchased in the UK by the former shop owner. Another reason I believe he is from there. If you have any input please let me know. He is a wonderful boy.

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