Old jointed White Bear stiched blue nose and blue glass eyes

by Veronique hubbard
(Nc, usa)

White Teddy Bear

White Teddy Bear


I came across this lovely 12 inches white jointed teddy bear. Jointed, short nose, fur feels soft and somehow silky feel but old, 'paddington' look, stiched royal blue nose and mouth, stich mark on tummy,beige 4 paws, dense padding/stuffing. sits and can lay down. fell in love with it but curious as to its age and origin. head can be squeeze thank you for any help.

Love white teddy bears, they are less common and remind me of my childhood teddy bear. This is a lovely example, especially his great ears. Unfortunately I don't know his maker hopefully someone else here will be able to help. Thank you for sharing on my site.

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