Old lioness/meerkat looking teddy?

by Eline Venancio

big teddy bear face

big teddy bear face

This bear is around 10-14 years old, my brother got it before i was born and handed it down to me. I remember him telling me that he had obtained it from a hospital and they had given it to him but his memory is scarce. I’ve been struggling to find out where the original toy is from because I love it so much, I’ve had it since i was a child.

The bear is brown with a little black nose and looks like a lioness. The eyes are small and brown/black. She has no paws, her legs and arms are more like stubbs. She has long black whiskers coming out of her face. Her tail is long and stubby also, it doesn’t have anything at the end of it. She had a darker shade of brown fur forming a thick stripe down her face.

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