Old Long Nose Bear

by Judy
(Fresno, CA)

Who am I?

Who am I?

I've searched for a long time and can't find a bear with a face like mine. His head is almost as big as his torso. His arms are longer than his legs. He is a grayish brown soft bear. I believe he is synthetic and is firmly stuffed with a soft white material. His eyes are amber and black, his pads are pale velvety fabric. He has an embroidered nose that is rectangular and the stitches go up and down. He has four stitches that form his paws on all four limbs. He stands about 16 inches tall and has articulated legs, arms and head. I purchased him about 25 yrs ago in an antique shop and paid 25.00 dollars for him. Does anyone know what his history is, maker, year etc?

Hi. Unfortunately teddy bears from the last 30 to 40 years are often hard to identify as they were often manufactured by anonymous Chinese companies who made them on behalf of another company or shop, like Walmart etc. Without a label and unless someone else has the same bear it can be almost impossible to identify.

I must say he does look very distinctive though. I love his face. He is certainly a bear that you want to hold onto and cherish.

I can't say that i have ever seen another bear like him, however i live in the UK and he may have only been made for the American market. Let's hope that someone in the US can give you a better idea of his origins.

So if any of you recognise this bear or have any details at all about this bear we would love to hear from you. Simply use the comments box on this page.

Fingers crossed we get some news as i too would be interested to know more about this very unusual looking bear.

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May 19, 2018
by: Anonymous

The head and facial features look very much like a Michaud bear. Some of which were made by them (a husband and wife team) and some which were made by big name manufactures to produce their patterns. (ie: Deans did at least one Michaud bear). The body looks a bit chunkier than the Michaud's that I have seen but I certainly have not seen them all so who knows... Good luck with your search. I hope you find his heritage.

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