Old or Gold Teddy Bear?

by Destiney

Brown bear in red suit

Brown bear in red suit

My bear looks like a pretty standard brown teddy bear except for the little red suit with frills on the ends of the hands and feet. Its right eye has a bubble trapped in it. I'm not quite sure if it has artificial fur or mohair. I do believe though that my bear is made out of kapok. It's body shape is that of a rectangle and it's head a square with small rounded ears on top. While its legs are about medium in length, it's arms are quite stubby. It's muzzle is short and flat and it's nose feels squishy and unlike the harder material used today. I have no idea of it's origins since this bear was given to me when I was only 6 and it's been with me ever since. It has no tags in the back but has a small stubby tail. I haven't seen any other copies of my bear, so I assume it's not a common bear at least.

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