Old Orange Bear

by Peta coulston
(Orange Nsw Australia)

Old orange Bear

Old orange Bear

I have an old teddy I found at the commercial hotel in Milthorpe New in 1988. I was an old hotel then and he was old when I found him. He is golden yellow orange and has a growl when tilted. He ha Orange plastic eyes and what appears to be a felt nose worn black stitched mouth. His paws have a leathery material feels very tough. He is about 40 cm tall about 20 cm wide at the tummy.he has fur that has lasted very well but is patchy in a few places though I would say he is in very good condition, except for the nose. He has a tag but the red embroidery writing which is unreadable. The tag is about 1 cm wide about 4 or5 centimeters long. The growling mechanism still works but is patchy or slow to start if he has been sitting for long periods. My children all delight in him and we are interested to know his origin and value as he looks similar to one's on the internet but different. He is treasured friend and we are hoping you can trellis how old he is uploading photos and thanking you in advance.

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