Old Sooty and Sweep

by Ellen

Hello, I’m hoping that someone may be able to help with the makers details for these two please? Or any further information. They both belonged to my late sister, who was a collector of many teddy bears. My mum and I are slowly working our way through them to identify them properly to sell on. My sister would have known everything about them and although she had many teddy bear books, there is no reference to them.
There are no labels on either Sooty or Sweep.
I think Sootys head is sawdust or straw filled, he has one clear with black pupil glass eye and possible small glass black nose. He has small red/pink lips. He has small brown ears and no patches on his paws. His body from the neck down Is 17cm long.
Sweep seems to me to be more modern. His head is softer so unknown what it is stuffed with. He has brown glass eyes and a pink nose. His mouth is the grey material he is made from so possible dyed. He has a workable squeaker in a blue bag attached to the inside bottom of his body.
I have no idea what material both are made from sorry.

Thank you for any help.

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