Old teddy bear - is it special??

by Jet

It is an old teddy bear in very good condition. Press the belly and it squeeks! Underneath the feet is a drawing of toes, drawings on hands also. Metal wire in the ears. There is a small pinkish colored smaal lable on it’s back but there is nothing on there anymore.the nose is made of rubber ( or is it soft plastic?) with pink lips and 4 freckles on either side. Eyes are brownish/orangy. The bear is yellow, hand and feet Are light pinkish with black drawing on it. No idea what decade it is from but very curious. It can’t be that old because of the rubbery nose, yet it doesn’t look new either. Who can tell me more about my bear?

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Sep 06, 2020

by: Kate

How long have you had your bear?
Was he a childhood favourite of yours?
Does he hold a special place in your heart.

We love to know some of the personal history behind each bear.

Hopefully someone will be able to recognise it and give your some more information.

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