Old Teddy Bear

by Lisa Laverick
(York, England.)

old teddy bear face

old teddy bear face

I have no back ground to my teddy bear. It has always just been with me. It looks oold, I am 50 yrs old so it must be at least that. It's about 20 inches tall stuffed with wood wool , glass eyes , black wool nose and smile. I would say it's thin and long legs and arms. The coat is almost curly in appearance. At the moment it needs repair. Teddy hospital said it would cost £75 and this is a lot of money. If I got it fixed , I would want to sell it to get the lay out money back. I have plenty of photos of it.

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Aug 21, 2019

by: Kate

This bear looks like it has a hard life or has been loved and loved. He does look like he needs a little more stuffing.

Hope someone can help identify your bear.

i would say though it is rare that teddy bear bring a large amount when sold. usually people have there bears repaired because they love them and want to keep them or pass them onto their family.

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