Old teddy bear

by Kerrie
(Newcastle )

Old teddy Bear

Old teddy Bear

The teddy gear is small, around 6inches long. The bear has moving arms and legs that turn all the way around however its head does not move. Sand coloured short fur with amber coloured bead eyes. Arms are around 2 inches long and its legs are around 2.5 inches long with feet. The stitching on the paws and feet consist of 3 1cm black tread stitches. The bear has a squashed muzzle with 3 small black stitches of a nose and what looks like a black thread upside down Y as a mouth. It has small ears that are around 1cn. Both arms and both legs are even in length. The paws and feet have peach coloured cotton patches. On the right foot I can see small black stitches attaching the peach patch. The right ley, near the hip of the bear there is some white stitching. The bear is hard and firm, possibly filled with hay. The bear has no tags or any way to identify it. I have had it over 30 years and I have no idea where it has came from or how old it may be.

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