Old teddy bear

by Carolyn
(Colorado City Colorado USA )

I was out one day riding around and decided to take a little side trip off an old dirt road. I came across this tiny small structure that had one small sign that said collectibles so I thought I had nothing better to do so I would stop in and just check it out. It was dark and dreary in this little building but could not for some reason turn around and leave. If I was walking around I saw lots of little odds and ends and when I came to the back of the store for some reason I looked down behind an old plant stand and saw the foot of this little teddy bear. I didn’t think much about it and kept walking but some kept drawn me back to that little foot of a teddy bear. I bent down picked it up and thought oh you poor little thing how long have you been here and how sad you look so I asked a little old lady what she would take for this little teddy bear and she said oh my is so ugly if you want it for two dollars it’s yours. I couldn’t wait to hand her two dollars and cuddled this teddy bear all the way back to my car. She sits in my bedroom on a chair all of her own but I would love to know just a little more about the sweet old teddy bear behind the plant stand. Thank you and hopefully you can tell me more about her.

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Mar 15, 2022
hmm NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello Carolyn! I just wanted to say some suggestions. It could be a Ty bear? I actually have one of my own and I just love it so much! I took a search and I found Rushton Company. Looks like your little friend is a Rushton bear, and a really old and used one for that matter. But that just adds to the adorableness!

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