Old us bear unkown brand

by Niels de Leeuw
(Dordrecht, Z=South-Holland, The Netherlands)

front of the bear

front of the bear

I have gotten this bear from my parents and we dont know exactly what kinda bear/brand it is and where it came from. Im just curious what i can find out about it.

My parents where in america during the time when they bought this bear. My mother thinks it might be bought in fort lauderdale area possible but whe arent 100% sure.

They went on a holiday that visited the following areas New York - Washington DC. - Roanoke - Gatlinburg - Charleston - St. Augestine - Orlando - Fort Lauderdale - New York.

What im currious about is where did they got this and what kinda bear is it. there is a old tag thats sun bleached for a long time. It had clothes on originaly and its at least 36+ years ago that they got it and they have no recollection exactly where and what. So i hope you guys can help me with info

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