Orange Teddy Bear 1971

by Carl Bettis
(Lanzarote )

This bear was given to me on my birth, day by my parents, I was born on December 16, 1971, so I would say that this dates it’s manufacture / run during the late 60s to early 70s.

I am from the UK but this does not mean the bear is too as my grandparents travelled and I can not be sure it was not from one of their trips abroad.
The bear is of a plush material and is approx 16 inches tall and 11 inches across the arm span.
The body is soft but feels like it has very stiff or solid type padding and has not misshapened at all.
General body colour is orange and the inner ears, paws and base of feet are white and of the same material as the main orange body.
The eyes are fixed glass beads, black in colour with a red circle around them, it has a black plastic nose with detail on nostrils and a stitched black mouth in a simple straight expression.
There is a white tag on the bottom, this has faded over time and washes when I was younger, I think it says ENGLAND on it, in large letters but I can’t be certain.
I can not be certain of the type of material generally used on the outer or inner parts of the bear as no knowledge of these things, but due to my mother passing recently and my dad many years ago, I would like to know more about the bear and it’s history.
My sister got a similar one a year earlier, but this was an owl type teddy, not sure if this will help or be relevant with the type of manufacturer.
I have looked on loads of pages and sites but not seen one like this yet and was hoping that someone could direct me to the manufacturer and / or give me some indication or where this was made and if it’s part of a group or collection of toys during its run.
The only luck I have had via social media was that it might be an earlier Chad Valley bear, but I could not find any like it during my searching and enquiries.
This is my last hope at finding some info and I appreciate any time given by anyone to helping me

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Oct 21, 2023
Orange bear
by: Lee

I have the same bear I was born in 71

May 24, 2022
Old orange teddy information
by: Anonymous

The maker of this bear Is MotherCare , they were a UK based toy Maker around that time , I’ve recently discovered them on my quest to find my own teddys identity ! If you Google (atleast USA wise ) Vintage Orange Mothercare bear , or Mothercare bears and sort through you should find your bear ! I can’t find any for sale , however I did find photos of this exact bear , it was once listed for sale on eBay in the UK according to the one website I found called worthpoint hope that helps xc

Oct 19, 2021
Twins NEW
by: Anonymous

I have this little fella too. He was my dads who was born in ‘71. This is the only other one I can find on the internet!

Sep 11, 2021
Snap NEW
by: Claire

I have the same bear. I was born in 1974 but I think he was handed down from my mother. I will check his label when I get home

Mar 10, 2021

by: Kate

Oh my goodness i had this bear too when i was small. Recognised him straight away. It brings back many lovely memories. Unfortuanely my mum had taken the label off so i have no idea about maker i'm afraid. Hopefully someone else will be able to help.

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