Palestine teddy bear

by Elaine Wallace
(Palestine, Texas)

Hi my name is Elaine Wallace. I live in Palestine, Texas. I am praying you can help me identify this dear old bear. I received this teddy bear from a relative before they passed and I am wanting to identify if it is truly an antique and if so what the estimated antique value may be so I can have it insured and then find someone to preserve it. It was my great great grandmother's from what I was told. It is supposed to be an original Ted The Bear. It is not in the best of shape but it's the sentimental value I cherish. I can feel that his neck, arms and legs are attached with hard rings maybe of wood. He has alot of what looks like hand stitching around his nose, eyes, ears and the bottom of the feet the one cover doesn't come off the other foot. His eyes have what feels like leather and then a black bead in the center. I will attach 4 different pictures for your review and possible identification. I appreciate your time and consideration of attempting to identify this dear old bear.

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