Paratrooper Bear.

by Kylie
(Lancaster, UK)

I am in England, and had this bear gifted to me by a close ex-Paratrooper friend from Scotland when he discovered I was expecting my first child back in 2015.

The bear is 8.5 inches high (approx) and its arms and legs move. There are no labels attached, and no where I can see that would have had once attached previously. He is wearing a red beret, with a military pin attached. There is also a second pin attached to his jacket. The pop studs of his jacket seem a bit old fashioned, but are made out of black plastic. All clothing on the bear is removable. You will have to forgive the lack of technical terms as I have limited military knowledge, and even less teddy knowledge!

I am so very interested in the history of this bear, as since he was given to me, my friend passed away. As such it is now a very precious, sentimental item for me. Anyone who could point me in the right direction or knows anything about the bear would be greatly appreciated by myself.

I have attached pictures of the points of interest described above.

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