Please can someone identify my bear

by Alison
(Holbeach UK)

Brown Teddy Bear

Brown Teddy Bear

I bought this bear recently at an antiques fair because of the wonderful face.I already have a nice Dean's bear and the grandchildren love it.However,One bear and two grandchildren is not ideal.They seem to have a preference for a proper bear of Quality, therefore another good bear had to be bought and this mystery bear,to me anyway, was a lovely choice. It is very dark brown with lighter brown nose and paws.It has fur that is very soft.It has a small hump on it's back.It is fully jointed and I think there is,or at least was, a growler as something inside rattles about when I tip the bear over.It obviously does not work as no growl can be heard.There is no indication any where of a maker's mark or label.The bear is quite weighty and solidly made.It looks to be of very good quality.The bear is twenty inches tall.I am really struggling for 400 words to describe this bear,it is akin to writing an essay at school,something I hated doing.If I had 400 words for the bear then surely I would know more about it than anyone else.I have always loved bears.When I was a child I had a double bed and I had about a couple of feet to sleep on,the rest was taken up with teddy bears.My pocket money whilst on holiday with my grandparents always bought me another teddy bear.I still have my bear from the age of 2 years.It was as big as me then.It is now 58 years old and still in good condition.The grandchildren don't get to play with that one.

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