Please help identify my cheeky bears age

by Sally-jo
(London )

Hi I've recently had a grandaughter and it's been a family tradition for the girls in the family to receive cheeky bears when they're born.nirmally born, my sister's was from Harrods in 1977 mine dates from 70's then one more recent with green pattern but the one I've bought for my granddaughter is white/cream coloured and has matching white/cream paws, the last who sold it couldn't give me a date or year or collection of any info on name etc... Or how many were made but I've not seen an all white or offwhite/cream coloured cheeky with matching white/cream paws before in all my searches!

He arrived with a thin red velvet ribbon around his neck, is like new, mohair and has the merrythought label on his foot and white ribbon label on leg saying reg no: PA169
Can anyone help me age or find out more about him thank you

It will not let me upload any pictures but he's 8" sat down 10" stood up fully jointed
Bells in ears and usual cheeky face and ears and nose
Please help if you can


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