Please help identify this vintage teddy bear with red ribbon on bottom of left foot

by Steve
(Crestwood, KY USA)

vintage bear

vintage bear


This teddy bear belonged to my late wife. Since she is no longer living she cannot tell me where it came from. I think it may have been given to her when she was a little girl in the late 1960's. It has a small white tag behind its left rear where the leg is connected. The tag looks like it has been chewed on by a child and most of the lettering is missing. The only words I can make out on the tag are OHIO-5594, MAINE-127 and NEW MATERIAL. It also has a red ribbon on the bottom of its left foot. The bear appears to be fairly well made and fairly old. The bear is about 13 inches tall and about 7 inches wide. The feet and paws are made out of cloth which feels kind of like fleece. There are small indentation where the fingers and toes are that look like they are stitched in. The bear has black eyes and a black nose. The only distinguishing mark I can find is the red ribbon on the bottom of the left foot. I have tried searching the internet for anything similar but I have not had any luck. I can’t locate anything about a teddy bear with a red ribbon on its foot or even one with similar paws for its feet and hands.

I have pretty much given up trying to identify this bear. I am hoping someone else on this site may be able to help. I would really appreciate any help anyone can give on figuring out what kind of teddy bear this is.

Thank you,

Steve, Kentucky USA

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