Please help me find my childhood bear!!!

by Kaitlyn

When I was around 4 years old (2001) my grandmother and I got this bear from a yard sale. (In Canada) She really didn’t want me to get him (as he was already quite worn to begin with) but alas he became my greatest childhood friend. He had been ripped and chewed and torn apart and sewn back together many times. At one point I even used to store things in a secret hole in his neck. I took him everywhere and shared everything with him, travelled to chicago and Florida and many other places with him by my side, up until last year when he was in a vehicle that got towed to an impound lot in a different city and I never got the chance to get him back before they threw out all the contents of the car. I know I will never get him back and it breaks my heart that he is sitting in a landfill somewhere but I would love to have a teddy from the same brand or even just made around that time. It is hard to say the year he was made as I said I got him from a yard sale so who knows how old he was when I got him. I’m just really hoping someone on here would recognize this type of bear! In the picture i am attaching he doesn’t have a nose, but he originally did. It wasn’t thread, it was actually a hard plastic nose that was sort of oval/triangular shaped and if you looked close there was almost like the detailing of nostrils on the nose. His hair was thick and fuzzy but not super soft, almost a little bit wiry. He had pads on his hands and feet. His eyes were shiny black plastic. I think at one point there were actually little threads sewn into his feet(and possibly hands) that made it look like he had toes? If that makes sense. Anyway, if you have any idea at all of what kind of bear this is, the brand, the year, or even key words I could search to find a similar one, please let me know! My meme is now in the manor and she asked what I would like for Christmas as it could be her last, and all I want is a new grey teddy :( thank you so much for your help if anyone has any information! I would really appreciate it :) <3

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