Please help me identify my childhood bear

by Erin
(London,England )

I have no longer got min but here’s an identical copy just in blue

I have no longer got min but here’s an identical copy just in blue

Recently I have been looking for what steiff bear mine was, I have looked all over the internet with only one match in which I cannot find the exact one I used to have in my possession. This bear is really sentimental to me and would love to see where this old boy came from as it was a present from an old relative who got it on one of those cheesy shopping channels before I was born. I loved him and his name was bear bear and would like to know for future reference what he was as when I was younger the tags were cut off apart from his steiff identification on his ear as I had years of playing with him which wore away the tags. Any help would be appreciated into finding where he came from and if I can get another of him.if it helps to know he was a pink bear with a pink flower on one paw and the material was beans inside.

I have many fond memories with this bear especially as I used to lose it all the time and my parents used to freak out as he was my absolute favourite. He was almost always in the toy box. But yeah I would just like to find the origins of my beloved bear bear as he deteriorated to the point where I can’t really use his pictures as they are practically unrecognisable from the amount of abuse he had as a child and the many washing machine trips due to my attachment to him.

If anyone could be of assistance in even just telling me the make of the bear or even possibly where to find one like him could they just notify me by posing under the post. It would be a lovely gift to my mother who’s mother gave it to me who has sadly passed away and a great gift for me if I could get my hands on another just to keep either for sentimental value or possibly to give to my kids if I happen to have any as it was a true staple of my childhood.

Anyways thanks for reading and truly any help would be appreciated from me Erin who has spent years upon years just trying to figure out where he came from.

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