Please Help Me Identify My Childhood Teddy Bear

by HN
(New Zealand)

Please help me identify this bear as i received it as a present for my first Christmas in 2005. Since then this bear has been well loved throughout my childhood to the point where major repairs have had to been made to make this guy look less terrifying to look at. In the last few months i have been scavenging around the internet to find any details to his origins. I have identified that he was once made of terry cloth which has now been degraded to a thin fabric. The closest bears I have been able to find similar to this bear is Vintage Eden bears which are similar in style, and Fisher Price as they are a common brand in New Zealand, where my bear was brought. However after looking through numerous archives I have come up short. I have spent many hours looking through toy stores that are large in NZ, google images, baby photos of I as a child, online stores such as amazon, TradeMe etc yet I still can’t find it. The bear has a music box that once had a cord however due to it nearly strangulating me we removed it. It has red and blue pants with green suspenders, yellow feet/ shoes, yellow shirt, button nose and eyes, and a grey face. He did have two arms once but due to teething as a child I chewed through the fabric resulting in me having to “amputate him”. I had thought about recreating him myself but as my sewing skills at near nothing, it would mean a lot if i had assistance in identifying him. I know that due to being “well-loved” he may be hard to identify but anything would help greatly. There are no other key identifying features apart from that it is a clown/bear??, it’s mismatched pants with green suspenders and music box inserted in the head. As it is from new zealand I’m not sure what brands I should look at and where i should look specifically. I have asked relatives if they remember but as this was 16 years ago they all thought i was mad haha. Whilst I know it’s a long shot, this bear has had a significant role in my upbringing providing me comfort when I needed it most, finding another one would mean everything to me as I do not wish to replace my current bear due to sentimentality but to know more of its origins especially considering the shape it is in. Please i’m begging, help me identify him!


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