Please help me identify this 2000's Gund bear

by Nicki

Front view

Front view

Today I was at my local thrift shop and I saw a cute bear being sold for $15 CAD. It looked a bit old but was in very good condition so I bought it! I checked the tags and saw it was a Gund bear from about 20 years ago (I will provide a detailed description of the bear and tags as well as some photos later on). I know Gund is expensive and has old collectibles so I went home to identify it asap.
After an hour of searching I haven't seen anything about this bear. Not even a picture!
Because I can’t find anything I’m starting to believe it is super rare or this is a really good fake. If you have any information about this particular bear, or how to identify fake Gund bears please let me know!!

Bear description: A deep magenta bear, almost 30cm tall. She has a flower crown with gold stars, wings, and a golden star plush necklace that says her name “Wishes”. She has suede paw pads, her right foot has a stamp that says “Marsha Friesen”. All her limbs are attached with metal loops that move but can’t hold the limb in position. On her lower back and right arm there are tags.

Tags: Tag tied on her arm says "Barton's Creek Collection. Artist designed. holiday creations. Gund." on the front. Inside the tag there is a short description about Marsha Friesen, I think she designed the bear. Then it says the bear's name (Wishes), and a material list. The back of the tag as a code: 77028, repeats her name, and says “limited edition”. Then safety warnings and whatnot.
There is another tag attached to the bear saying the collection, the code 77028, and a 2001 copyright. Then information on the materials and the collection stamp and Marsha's name again.

Everything I know about the bear is from the tags. I assume it's a bear from the late 1990’s - 2000’s from the copyright date. The closest thing I can find online are Christmas bears from 2001. It could be possible the crown and wings were added on by the previous owners because I don’t see any gund bears with accessories like this. If anything, gund adds a bow or maybe a piece of clothing. Again, If you have any information about this particular bear, or how I could identify fake Gund bears please let me know!!

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