Please help me identify this bear for my son!

by Trisha Bailey
(Fairfield Township, Ohio USA)

full body

full body

My son found this bear at his great great grandma's house in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 2015. She did not know where it came from but let him bring it home. He is fascinated with learning the history behind objects and we have tried with no luck to learn more about the bear. The bear is about 18 inches tall, and about 13 inches across from his hand to hand. He has brown eyes with large black pupils that appear to be plastic or acrylic. He is in a standing position with his arms outstretched. His nose is hard plastic covered with brown flocking, and the inside of his ears and bottoms of his paws have material with cream-colored hearts and polka dots on a blue background and on a red background. He wears a bow tie that is a plaid pattern, also half blue with cream and red with cream. His bow tie is tacked on, not on a ribbon around his neck. His muzzle is cream-colored shorter fur, and at the base of his muzzle his tongue sticks out. It is light pink and is backed by a lower lip that is the same color as his muzzle. His body is covered with a brown fur that has highlights of white and lowlights of dark brown and is about 1 inch long. He has a tag on his right buttock that is about 1.5 inches long and white in color, but all markings have worn away. His body is stuffed with a medium density filling - he is not hard but he is not floppy or very soft either. He will stand up (not on his feet, they are too rounded on the bottom) without buckling or falling over. He is not jointed, and has no markings on his hands, only the bottoms of his feet and the inside of his ears. If I had to guess, I would say the bear was probably mass produced in the 1980's or 1990's. We do not think this is a rare or valuable bear, but I want to encourage my son's interest in history and that is why I am trying to gather more information. I am attaching photos of the bear to help with identification. My son and I would appreciate any information that anyone might be able to provide about this bear and his backstory. Thank you for your help!

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