Please Help Me Identify This Tan Teddy Bear!

by H
(Los Angeles, CA)

tan bear

tan bear

All I know about this bear is that it belonged to my brother in the early 70's. It was tannish or maybe yellow, unjointed with soft fur that was not wool. It had glass eyes and was between 12 to 16 inches long. I do not have the bear in front of me so it is hard to tell you anything else about it. All I have is this picture. It was lost when he was 6 but he always remembered it and I want to try to find him another one for the holidays because it was given to him by his grandmother and I think he would really like to have it (or at least one like it) At the time of this picture he was living in the upper peninsula in Michigan. It looks to me like it may have been a version on Winnie the pooh but I am not sure as all I have is this picture. As a child for years he always had it with him and was heartbroken when it went missing so many years ago. He's about 5 in the picture so this must have been around 1975.

His grandmother who gave this to him has passed away and as a tribute to her I would love to be able to identify and possibly find this teddy bear.

I have been searching on ebay to see if I can see anything like it but have had no luck so I figured I would do a web search to try to find something and I stumbled across this. If anyone has any other suggestions about where I might look to find out more information or
possible identify this teddy bear I would really appreciate it as I know absolutely nothing about teddy bears. Since grandma loved Disney so much I think it may have been Winnie the Pooh but I cant be sure. I looked at a bunch of Winnie the Pooh vintage stuffed bears but none of them seemed to match his teddy. Is there a place to search disney type products like old stuffed animals that i don't know about. All of the bears that I looked at were either too golden or the wrong shape.

The Teddy bear had a little smile under his nose and from what I can tell the nose was a bit turned up. The fur wasn't very shaggy or long but I know that it was soft and not wool because my brother is allergic to wool. However it did kind of have that short wool look to it. I'm not really sure what else I can say about the bear or how else to describe it. I guess I'm just hoping someone will take a look at it and be able to point me in the right direction or perhaps has some suggestions on how I can research how to find this.

It's also possible that it was just a little nondescript drugstore stuffed animal but I don't think so. I tried searching regionally for images of stuffed animals and Teddy bears but I couldn't really find anything that helped. Were Stuffed animals and Teddy bears only sold regionally? I wish I had some better pictures that I could put up to give more detail about the teddy bear but this picture is all I have. Please help if you can!

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Sep 27, 2017
Pooh bear
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have a lot Pooh bears :-)
It looks like a "California Stuffed Toys Los Angeles" Pooh bear.
Here is a link to a similar one:

I hope I have helped you a bit in your search.

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