Pleease Help me Identify this bear! Would buy another one for $100+ if possible!

by Sarah
(Vancouver, Canada)

Help! I reeally want to find out where this bear was made – manufacturer, or designer or brand/company!

Please help me identify this bear!

I had this bear since I was 7 years old. My mom's friend gave it to me as a gift from her garage sale (in North Vancouver, Canada). This bear has meant a lot to me and I still have it on my bedside to this day (Age 22).

I love how this bear is made, how it keeps it's cuteness and how the bear is perfectly proportioned to maintain its cute look. I have searched everywhere looking for similar bears but the results on google and ebay searches only led me to find that this bear is a vintage bear and that it probably is from the 1980s? It's the closest bunch of bears i've seen on google that could look similar.

*My bear has no cut/seams in the middle of the stomach like most teddy bears though and the muzzle is more square shaped than most others. Plus my bear has a beige stomach, muzzle, foot and ears. The nose is made of string. I believe my bear's eyes are glass eyes...dark in the center and a brown circle around it. The height of the bear is about 14 - 15 inches (refer to picture.)

*Initially, the Bear was given to me with a dark red synthetic silk ribbon bow tie around it’s neck but gradually frayed after years of being hugged!

*The tag is attached to the butt of the bear and it says “Made By KOREA”.

Other things on the tag that can be read (also refer to picture)......
Not to be removed until
delivered to the consumer
This label is afilaced? in compliance
with The Upholtstered Aid?
Stuffed Articles Act
This article contains
Made by
Ont, reg. No. 72M643A?
Reformed? fibres

*The other side of the tag is the same thing but in French.

Also, it used to be so much fluffier!!
I want to find another one to compare!
I am willing to spend $100+ for it if I can find another!

Thank you so much for your time in reading all of this. <3

If you know anything about my bear, please post below! or e-mail me at

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