Polar Bear Teddy

by Phil Rowley
(Devon )

Polar bear teddy

Polar bear teddy

This dear little chap has been hiding out in my great aunt's loft space in Axminster Devon, carefully packaged up for many decades. My aunt doesn't recognize or indeed remember him which leads me to think that he's been hiding out up there for at least 60 years. He's constructed from animal pelt, has very, very soft natural fur, front legs are joined by wire and are movable as are his rear legs, he feels as though he has been stuffed with either wood shavings or a type of straw substance and he has been made without ears. He stand 10" or 254mm high and looks quite a lot like a polar bear cub but with black paws. I'm clearing the house out for my aunt following bereavement and am hoping to raise some funds from the sale of items from the property to assist my aunt who lives overseas.

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