Polar Bear Teddy

by Lou

White Teddy Bear

White Teddy Bear

I need help. This is Bear my polar bear. He's been my best friend for about 28 years. He stands about 2 feet tall and used to have music playing out of that heart on his left paw. Something to the tune of ABC's or Twinkle Little Star. It was one of those push music, no battery necessary buttons. The red heart was a solid red, put I picked off the cloth when i was younger
He has plastic (?) eyes and nose. Black nose and his eyes are not solid. They have a black pupil and a green/brown iris.
He used to have a red mouth/tongue? also I ripped off when I was younger so don't remember it well.
All stitched no rotating parts.
Was most likely purchased some where between 1988-1992 in New Jersey USA but could have been a gift from foreign relatives. As far as I know I've been the only owner.
I want to buy a replica! I hope you can help me ♡ Thank you!

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