Poor Bear Has Had A Difficult Time

by Sheila
(Greater Manchester.UK)



Hello Teddy Bear People,

this poor bear has had a difficult time but has retained his good looks and smile. I bought him as part of a job lot in a collectors auction. it was a general auction.
I think he is older than me I am 71 and recall a similar bear in my child hood. He is approx 9- 11 inches , he has swivel legs and arms and a growl machine inside him. It doesnt work.His fur is mohair but only a little of it is left. Inside he is stuffed with Kapok although his head and nose is stiffened with something stronger to make it realistic . The pads of feet and hands are leather (whats left ) His nose is stitches and his eyes those button ones with a metal covered ring at the back to stitch them in.
He has been operated on and the back restitched one hand pAW is falling ofF.I would very much like to renovate him as best I can as a gift for my eldest grandaughter. Any advise ,information offered would be gratefully received. Thank you

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