Poor Old Bear has seen better days

by James Chestnut
(New Braunfels, TX, USA)



We have an old teddy bear we've been hauling around for years. It's always been in a box and now we've decided to downsize and declutter so we'd like to know more about him/her.

It's 23" Tall and 11" wide with 9" arms and 10.5" legs. It's fur is brown and curly (but it looks like it has a very bad case of mange) and has a black yarn nose. Hands and feet have and a kind of felt material as paws. The eyes seem to be painted metal buttons.

Its joints are connected with a metal wire/rod and there are hard discs on both sides of each joint with various ranges of motion, the head being the most limited, maybe only 35% to 40% range of motion. One arm can do a complete 360.

The head is firm with a woody type material visible at a split seem and floppy "cupped" ears, although one is hanging haphazardly. The body is a bit softer and seems to be tightly packed wool or some other type of fabric material.

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